Online Mind Mapping

MindPicto provides the best in class online mind map editor to create, visualize and share your ideas

Organize Your Ideas

MindPicto provides the perfect platform to capture, organize and present yours ideas visually. The mind map editor is equipped with all the required tools to review and collaborate real time with your team mates.

MindPicto mind map editor is completely web based and no download is required. It works on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. It even works on you mobile or tablet and therefore you can work while you are on the go.

Visually Stunning Mind Maps

MindPicto provides you with professionally designed mind map templates to create visually appealing mind maps in no time. You do not have to worry about colors, fonts or spacing.

Templates provides you a starting point for commonly used mind maps like project planning, meetings or web site creation. Each template consist of the basic structure which will guide you on how to organize the information.

Share & Collaborate

You can share your mind maps with your team, colleagues or boss by simply a click of a button and do online reviews and provide feedback. Changes are instantly visible to others making MindPicto mind map editor the perfect choice for creating and sharing mind maps.

Top Uses of Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is used by businesses in their strategic planning, product designing or any other creative work while it is used by education institutes as a tool to analyze complex problems and to increase engagement in class rooms.


Brainstorming is a way to expand your thinking on a topic. Mind mapping helps you to ignite new ideas, organize your ideas and identify the relationships between them


Mind mapping helps you to identify and organize tasks, inter dependencies, schedule, and resources. A mind map will be a handy tool when you plan your next trip to your favorite destination

Project Management

Mind maps helps organize the information related to your project like the budget, schedule, scope, tasks and resources in one place. Also it can be used to monitor the progress of completion as well

Creative work

Whether you are designing a web site, writing an article or creating the next generation product for your company, MindPicto mind map editor will be the best companion for you

Get's Started. It's free!

MindPicto is considered as the best online mind mapping software available on the market. It's mind map editor is completely web based and works perfectly on tablets and mobiles and supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOS. It is also compatible with Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari. With it's simple and intutive online editor, users can start being productive with absolutely zero training. MindPicto is specifically designed for collaboration and comes with many features useful for teams working remotely. MindPicto is used by businesses for brainstorming, meeting management, notes taking, project planning and many other creative work. It's use is not limited to businesses and heavily used by educational institutes as a tool to analyze complex research problems. Mind maps are even used for personal purposes like holiday planning or analyzing monthly expenses. MindPicto mind maps free account offers the user many powerful features to start with.