Mind Map Editor

Free Online Mind mapping and brainstorming

MindPicto Mind Map Editor is the best online mind map editor available on market and it offers a free version with up to 3 fully featured mind maps. The powerful editor is highly intuitive and can be used by even school children without any kind of training. The online mind map editor allows you to use keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures making it real easy to create content. Every change you make is automatically saved on cloud and is instantaneously available to all users to whom it is shared. The editor is compatible with your mobile, IPad or tablet giving you the access to your work even on the go.

Media Attachments

You can attach images or videos to mind map topics and they are previewed on the editor itself. You can drag and drop image files on to topics from your desktop or capture a screenshot making it easy to attach the images. Attach inbuilt icons to express the state of each node. You can also link each topic to external web pages and add notes.

Styles & Templates

You can change the appearance of each topic by the side panel. MindPicto provides various fonts, colors, line types and node outline shapes to make each topic unique and special. The style editor allows changing the styles for each level separately.

You can use the templates provided by MindPicto which are designed by professionals for different purposes. They also gives you hints on main topics which should are required for each purpose making it real quick to start off.

Share & Collaborate

Share your mind map with your team and get feedback in the editor itself. MindPicto allows you to control view or edit permissions for each user. Changes are instantly visible to others making it very useful for remote teams.

Get's Started. It's free!

MindPicto is considered as the best online mind mapping software available on the market. It's mind map editor is completely web based and works perfectly on tablets and mobiles and supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOS. It is also compatible with Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari. With it's simple and intutive online editor, users can start being productive with absolutely zero training. MindPicto is specifically designed for collaboration and comes with many features useful for teams working remotely. MindPicto is used by businesses for brainstorming, meeting management, notes taking, project planning and many other creative work. It's use is not limited to businesses and heavily used by educational institutes as a tool to analyze complex research problems. Mind maps are even used for personal purposes like holiday planning or analyzing monthly expenses. MindPicto mind maps free account offers the user many powerful features to start with.